Poster Vanilla Fly

Poster Vanilla Fly

Vanilla Fly posters

Mix and Match Our large collection offer beautiful black and white art posters, with easy delivery to you via our website. And with optional choices of different frames and poster hangers. Our poster prints are designed and carefully selected and the timeless and classic black white artprints are very popular. The black and white wall decor collection has a nostalgic sometimes humorous - vintage feel. We like to bring a smile to your faces. The posters are printed on firstclass 240g MultidDesign Natural paper or specialpaper. Themes are often featuring vintage or botanical art. All of our design posters inspire to affordable redecoration with new interior ideas and designs, that are sure to brighten any home. The VanillaFly posters come in more sizes: 20x25cm or 30x40cm - all easy to combine - into either a small wall decor of 2-3 posters or a larger gallerywall with a complete look for the home. Mix and match for a great result. The possibilities are endless.
20 x 25 cm  € 10,95  30 x 40 cm € 14,95 Op voorraad  

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